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record. four more days, as of tomorrow. see you then. >> greta: dick morris is here. >> there is no question in my view, we can't have four more years like the last four years. i know the obama folks are chanting four more years, four more years. but our chance is five more day, five more days, that's our chant. let me ask you a question. can anybody name our current secretary of commerce? you know why? we don't have one. it's been vacant four months and the president hasn't proposed to put somebody in the job.
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we need another president! >> in the closing weeks of this campaign, governor romney has been using all of his talents as a salesman to dress up these very same policies that failed our country so badly. the very same policies we have been cleaning up after the past four years. and he's offering them up as change. >> here's my last question: are you ready for this? are you fired up? are you ready to go! five day, get to work! >> the romney/ryan ticket has persuaded and explained what their plan is. the president's been left just to attack. for him to think or say that -- that it's very difficult to get things done from the inside is pretty telling. he is the president of the united states. if he can't do it, maybe he should step aed and let someone else try. >> governor romney will say virtually anything to win, as the dealer put it, he will do anything, no matter how much confusion he must sew to do t.
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the president's job is not sosew confusion, but to plant the seeds of competence and growth in the american people. >> one thing i know about mitt, he does not fail and he will not fail as a president. i have seen him as a husband, as a father, as a governor, as a businessman, as a guy who turned around the olympics. in every single situation,il tell you, he has tackled each job with integrity, character, discipline and a heart so big. >> everybody here listening knows that i don't like obottom a. everybody knows that i have never been fooled pie obama. everybody knows i have a prejudice and a beans bias against obama. i hope he loses -- i want him to lose big. i want this country to reject everybody he stands for. that's what my dream is. >> greta: to someone who has a good idea of how the candidates are feeling right now, senator
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john mccain. good evening. i am curious at this late date, is there much either candidate can do to woo votes? >> well, i think this libya fiaso and tragedy is turning some veterans' votes and some active-duty military. i am hearing from veterans all over america. they are angered and disgusted. our active-duty military people believe they can't trust the president of the united states. i am hearing from them everywhere. and so, it may have an impact, for example in the state of florida, 1.6 million veterans and their families and they can have an impact. they can in ohio as well. the latest scandals, as you know, the latest -- one of the latest is that -- there was a gathering in the consulate in benghazi of the security people. they reviewed the fact that al qaeda was in the area in big
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time, that they were having greater and greater danger and they sent that to the state department. obviously, nothing happened there. we now have the information that the counter-terrorism security group -- that's a group that is supposed to convene when there is an act of terror to coordinate the efforts of all the different agencies of government. you know that they were never convened? they were never convened in this act of terror that took the lives of four brave americans. so, it's getting out there, greta. it's angering our veterans and it's angering our active duty people. i think it can have an impact because we have still got 5 more days. this is a classic scandal where almost every day or every few days, another shoe drops. >> greta: you mentioned every shoe drops. two new things. one is foreign policy magazine has a new article out. it's quite a long article.
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but there is some things that are absolutely stunning, that this happened on 9/11, and the fbi at some point was sent in to investigate. and then on october 26, 6 weeks later, foreign policy magazine went to the consulate, went to the cia annex. they found a draft of two letters. and letters that they have no idea thisf they were ever, ever sent anywhere. but a draft of two letters that the fbi never picked up when they were there. and two draft, talk about this fact that that day, they saw some member of the bolivian police force across the street in the upstairs, taking pictures inside the compound and they were worried and concerned. why that evidence was not seized by the fbi, i don't know. another thing that happened, david ignatius of the washington post, met with the cia. the cia gave them a timeline as to what happened. this is what is new for me. number 1, it appears that the
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last two who were killed were not killed until about 5:00 hirt in the morning, which fwaifs another hour for the -- which gives another hour for the united states to take military action. but secondly, let me read this to you, senator, this is david ignatyus. at 4:30 a.m., the first idea of some of the cia reinforcements was to go to a benghazi hospital to recover steven who is they rightly suspected was already dead. but the hospitals is surrounded by the al qaeda linked militia that mounted the consular attack. 4:30 a.m., that happened. why in the world, for two weeks did we hear about the video story? there is a lot of explaining to be done here. >> as i say, gret ait's the classic scanneddal and coverup that is going on now. one of our veterans said to me, i said, i think it could be as bad as watergate. one of our veterans said, yeah,
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but nobody died in watergate. and they have a point. you know, leon panetta saying, well, we didn't send in people because we weren't sure -- and couldn't be clear as to what was going on. you know, the great thing about america and the great thing about heroes that i have known, they are willing to charge in when they know that their fellow americans' lives are in danger. look, these people are covering up so much in such a -- ridiculous fashion. of course, as we know, the mainstream media has refused to really cover any of this, which is also pretty remarkable. but, look, there was this meeting that -- with the warnings and the lack of security. there were two attacks, as you know, in june, and july. and -- excuse me, april and june on the benghazi consulate. there was the assassination attempt of the british ambassador, all of these things
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that we should have had forces in place. and we should have, especially on september 11, we should have been ready to react. we should have known that these threats were there. and then, of course, to top it all off, as we all know, the president going out for days and days and calling this a result of a spontaneous demonstration, sparked by hateful video was just an absolute false hood. if they keep saying that intelligent sources said that, intelligence people ought to be fired and what in the world are we going to believe about iran, if intelligent sortses believe this was a pontaneous demonstration. >> greta: president obama is not answering questions or having a press conference. we'll continue to pursue it until we figure out what the answers are. but do you think governor romney on the campaign trail should be raising this issue, or not? >> i'd like for him to.
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but you know, i am very reluctant, particularly since i am the loser to give advice to a campaign. but i can tell you, whether mitt romney is raising these questions or not, i am telling you, the reaction that i am getting from veterans across -- i am in north dakota today. i am telling you, i am getting a reaction the likes of which i have seldom seen from our retired, our veterans, or acting duty people, our guardsmen. they know what is going on. they know a coverup is going on. i can tell you, they do not trust the president of the united states. and by the way, could i just mention, that the president -- this interfered with the president's narrative that he got lad scplad so therefore, al qaeda's -- he got bin laden and so therefore al qaeda's on the run. we got the pictures of the president and his team watching in realtime, getting bin laden. where are the pictures of them sitting around and watch this attack that went on for 8 hours?
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where are the pictures of them deliberating as to what course of action should be taken? we saw pictures them when they were gathered about the latest hurricane. where are the pictures when the raid was going on for 8 hours, the fighting going on? as far as i recollect, he went to bed and then went to las vegas. and finally, this is symptomatic of our foreign policy failures throughout the middle-east. al qaeda is way back in iraq. al qaeda training camps now in western iraq. they're over all over. they are pouring into syrias because we have failed to act in any way helpful and 32,000 syrians have been massacred in afghanistan, as we upon, the attacks continue and places in afghanistan that have been peaceful for years are now falling under the control of the taliban. this is a president with a failed foreign policy. and that is because he doesn't know what leadership is about. >> greta: you mentioned that
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others in the media have been following it. my colleagues have been doing the heavy lifting, even for us here at fox newschannel. but today, jay tapper, abc had a story and cbs news, also. so other news networks and organizations are starting to dig in. so we might see a change on this, senator. >> i hope so. i menged, how can they explain that a counter-terrorism security group, especially designed to convene and coordinate actions of government, in cases of terrorist attack, they toll them to stand down. how do we know that? people who are part of that organization are mad as hell because they weren't convened. and they didn't act. while american lives were in danger. >> greta: well, if this story persist, it is because we are not getting answers and the administration hasn't. i would be glad to put this story to rest so we can all move
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o. but, senator, thank you, sir. dick morris has a prediction about the outcome of the election. what is it? good evening. erch says it's neck and neck, but your prediction is different? >> it is not neck and neck. it's a few laps, i think... romney is going to win by 5 to 10 points in the popular vote. i think he is going to win the electoral vote by something like 310-220. i think he will carry -- this is want just guess, this is based on the latest polling. i think he will carry new hampshire, ohio, iowa and of course, florida, colrado and virginia. then i think he is going to carry pennsylvania. i think he has a good shot at carrying wisconsin and an outside chance at mish ban and minnesota. but obama made a crucial mistake. he figured he would do ohio
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would be his fire wall. ohio and iowa. and if he did a lot of stuff there and a lot of negatives on romney, they couldn't get by that. but what romney's done, they have gone over the fire wall and gone into pennsylvania, where obama's never been on the air. and in the last week, the last week of the election, obama is spenning about $2 million in pennsylvania and romney and his allies are spending $11 million. pennsylvania is going to go for romney. he is 3 points ahead now. those 20 electoral votes will put him over the top, long before we call the 18 in ohio. >> greta: all right. let me ask but ohio. all the polls are neck and neck so they are tied. so tell me why those polls are not to be public believed and why listening to you, we should think you are right in calling ohio? >> because the polls that are out there, for example, the times/cbs poll interviewed 38%
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democrats and 29% of their sample are republicans. about an 8 or 9-point democratic advantage. now in 2008, there was an 8-point democratic advantage, that's a good sample for the '08 election. but in '04, there was a 4-point republican advantage. if you take '04, '06, '08 and 'steb, you get equal democrats and republicans in the sample. so if you believe there will be a huge turnout among minorities and young people, that the enthusiasm is undiminnished and they will be there like in 'where are 8, believe that poll. but all the evidence suggests that is not there. they are 10 points less likely to vote. they are upset about unemployment and the economy. and that it is going to be much closer to 2004, or in fact, even more conservative than '0 4 .
7:15 pm
gallup says in '08, you are 12% more democrats voted and in '12, you will have 3% more republicans voting, a 15-point swing. so when you take ohio and the times shows romney behind by 5 and the poll's at least 8 points off, that shows romney ahead by 3. and then, their voters are about 10 points less likely to show up than romney's voters are. then the undecided goes against the incumbebt. when you put the factors together, you are probably looking the a 4, 5 or 6-point win for romney. >> greta: you either are really right or really wrong. we will find out on tuesday night. i am curious, i suppose the same would apply to wisconsin or colorado or any other states, right? >> yes. they are making turnout assumptions that are just wrong. i think they are going to be proven dramatically wrong on
7:16 pm
election night. i think this will be apparent. i look forward to coming back on your show with a big, massive "i told you so!" >> greta: we'll roll the tape, i promise that. as a matter of fact, i am keeping a list of people i am going to have to roll tape for. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, from marine to the commander in chief. senator pat robert,s, the most senior marine in congress. senator roberts is here. and coming up, former senator marco rubio, his state is critical. and right notice it is a dead heat in the sunshine state. hear from senator rubio, coming up: 4g lte is the fastest.
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>> obama administration facing accusations it did not use all of its resources to save the americans in benghazi. pat roberts sent a letter to president obama, writing... >> greta: senator roberts is the former senator of the select committee of service. >> good evening. >> greta: we all come to this -- many of us, stunned.
7:21 pm
i don't understand why we have two stories and we should have one story. get it out and let's be done with t. we are not going that out from the administration. you come to it as a marine. you have spoken to the military members? >> well, we were having town hall meetings in can das and they are wondering about wawill happen with a debt and the fiscal cliff, where's the farm bill? not this time. five, six town hall meetings, every meeting, american legion members, like john mccain said, people who have been deployed and are deployed, people in the reserve, one young man comes up to me and said, i was deployed five times with the same mission. he said, i am glad i am out. i knew i was going to be in harm's way. that's why i signed up. edbut today, i don't think they would have my back. if that's dispriew that started -- if that's true and that starts to fester, i would
7:22 pm
hate to see any president bear that burden and have that continue with anybody in harm's way, whether it be the intelligence community, state department or men and women in uniform. >> greta: it's hard to tell, what if anything they did do. the problem is, we can't seem to get-- the president hasn't sat down and plained what happened. it's hard to discern whether any efforts were made or whether they were reasonable to try them or anything. we are sitting in mystery. we probe for answers and we can't get them. >> thank goodness you are probing. if it wasn't for you and katherine and... >> greta: jennifer. >> yeah. the three musketeers or whatever youment to say, you are, you are shining a light on the truth in the darkness. this is amazing to me. i am a former newspaper man. where on earth are the journalists?! i mean, a professional journalist. what is going on. we have bill o'reilly and laura
7:23 pm
ingraham, just before you or before you, saying well, this is not going to really have any bearing on the election. why not! , rve's waiting around for romney it say something. do your job! do the investigative reporting! this is a big, big story! we have so many different -- when we had our first meeting tmust have been six, seven days afterwards. the secretary of state came in and said, well, i am calling for an investigation. that's required by law. it took jim clapper 45 minutes to say, i don't know. the d.o.d. guy said nothing. the fbi said -- we asked, have you been to benghazi? he said, no, i'm in tripply. why aren't nubenghazi? well, it's not safe. well, no kidding. we have had more and more questions than answers. the president really ought to take two hours and that was the tone of my letter and i tried to make it respectful and say, you don't want this... president romney, if he make its, doesn't
7:24 pm
want this. you do not want to lose the morale of our service people, people put in harm's way. that's not right. i don't like this response, after 9/11, we set up the counter-terrorism threat center. we set up all of these teams around the world. we, meaning the senate intelligence committee and the 9/11 people. here we are again -- first the uss cole, that wasn't first, that was the bambombings in africa, that wasn't first, it was mog scmoag somalia and blackhawk down. now we are to this? we still haven't got it straight! what on earth is going on! thank goodness, you are searching for the truth. >> greta: it's particularly troubling, a tukneesian man was picked up, caught on tape, the day of the attack, caught in turk wefalse papers and turned over to tunisia and the fbi hasn't tone to him and senator lindsay graham -- not the president or anybody else, but senator graham is trying to get
7:25 pm
permission for the fbi to talk to them because the obama administration is not -- has not pushed it or whatever. here's an eyewitness. nobody's spoken to him -- lindsay graham is trying to get it done. >> i think it's the only eyewitness except your team, interviewing people on the ground who may be able to locate other people. the secretary of state... and the president himself should be on the phone to the folks in tunisia and demand this and say, you know, we have to have access to this guy. to find out what is going on, except, i am -- this has been the dog-goneddest series of events, where it is a drip, drip, drip revelation and it doesn't make any sense. it's a jig saw puzzle. >> i posted on gretawire today. i recommended foreign policy, not fox news and not cbs, but foreign policy, talking about the fact that the fbi was supposedly in there, but it
7:26 pm
wasn't until october 26, went into the consulate, they found -- october 26. several weeks later. hopefully, we will get some answers. >> thank you. >> coming up mon the stunning new information found inside the benghazi consulate found. will it impact the election? our political panel is but up next, florida senator marco rubio. his state turning into a major battleground and right now, it is too close to call. hear from senator rubio, next. look how small they were! [ husband ] transfer! [ male announcer ] free data transfer at home. you just deleted all the photos! you did! no you did! [ male announcer ] or free data transfer when you buy a windows 8 computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade.
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>> greta: a dead heat in the sunshine state. a fight for florida sizzling in the final days of the campaign. we spoke with florida senator marco rubio. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to talk about the election. but i want to start first with probably the most important issue. how's your daughter? >> she's doing good. she went back to school today. she is doing great. it was a scare. but we are blessed. >> greta: we saw that video you alongside the road on the phone. it's every parent's nightmare. it stops all of us as we chase down the story and look at it as a horse race and we remember, the important things. >> yeah, absolutely. it was -- not a good moment. >> greta: indeed. that's good news. politics now. how's florida going to do? >> we are dwg to win. it is going to be close. these elections are always close in florida.
7:31 pm
but we are going to win. we are working hard. governor romney was there yesterday. i think he's coming back before the election. we are excited about the progress. like i said -- i would put it to you this way, if our people turn out to vote and wait it out because there will be waits because our ballot's really long. if our people do that, we will win florida and the presidency. caller: in 2008, president obama won the latino vote in 34 daby a large margin, 15 points. and the latino vote in florida is 14% of the electorate. that is a huge number to try to -- for a republican to now try to regrab back from the democrats. what is your thought on the latino vote? >> we doll very well, better than anywhere else in the country. i think we will do much better than 2008. i think we have a chance to win it. i am not programming that. but i think we have a chance. i don't think any community in florida has been hurt more than the hispanic community, in terms
7:32 pm
of unemployment and the loss of the ability to create new jobs and businesses. you are starting to see that percolate. you are starting to see that reflect in the support we are getting. i am very excited about how well we are going to do among hispanics. >> greta: what state are nu? >> pennsylvania. we came popen -- we came to pennsylvania. 200 people, it was fantastic. i was earlier in the day in new hampshire. i will be in ohio tomorrow. i have been to nevada multiteletimes and colorado. i forget all the other places. went to iowa last week. we have gotten around. we are happy to do t. there is a lot of excitement out there. of course, all over florida in the last week with governor romney. everywhere we go, you can see the excitement. it's real, it's palpable. we can sense. it we are really excited about it. >> greta: this is a big country. i am curious, as you went to the states, was it usually the same issue -- can you tell -- because
7:33 pm
usually the rallies are speaking to the group. they are not having a profound amount of intersection because you are busy going somewhere else. but is it the same? >> you do. if you work the rope line or you get to talk to people on the ground, they will tell you, there are concerns about the economy and jobs, that's very real. there is a profound sense that the election is a choice between two very different types of people. where the government will increasingly become more dominant or a new future, where we reim-- embrace the free enterprise system and allow the prosperity and the middle class that we have expected. people get that that's what this is about. a lot of people who voted for barack obama in tent 08 and thought he was going to be a unifier that brought our country together, are very disappointed that our country is as divided as it's ever been. something i said today in peb pen, which i think is true. i am a republican. i love the republican party.
7:34 pm
i love america more. i think our folks will tell you, as well today, they want a leader who will bring america together and help save america and brick america and its economy back to where it is expected to be. >> greta: are i saying you think it would be a bad thing if president obama were re-elected? >> i think it sets us back that his ideas are wrong for the future. they are not the right ideas to get us moving forward. if he word processor to be re-elected -- and it's not going to happen -- we are not going to have the economic groakt that we need or expect. i don't think we will get a plan to save medicare. i don't think we will have a pro-american energy policy. it is not just the things -- bad things that might happen, it's the good things that won't happen. it's the busy things that will have to wait. i don't think we can wait four years for some of these things. >> greta: some republicans are sort of getting critical that there is not attention from the candidates or the party on the road about benghazi and the attack on the consulate.
7:35 pm
is that something that should be spoken about by your party, as we appreciate election day? or not? >> we have. i think there was a great piece by senators mccain, graham and johnson about unanswered questions. there are going to be hearings when we get back. i spoke on that last week and wondered what took so long. irrespective of this election, we are to get to the bottom of what happened. there was either a massive intelligence failure or something worse, a deliberate attempt to... you know, not fully state what happened for political reasons. i won't prejudge what happened. but it's a bad result. that has to come up. we have had a busy week with the campaign and the unfortunate storm that has hurt so many people in the northeast. but we are not going on let up, even after the electric, it is going to be going on. we have to get to the bottom of that. >> greta: of course, governor christie is grateful for any assistance from president obama to help his citizens of new
7:36 pm
jersey. that's his job. some have said, he has been effusive and gone overboard in support of president obama and he was the keynote speaker and critical of president obama on the campaign trail. any thoughts on that. >> i am from florida. we have had so many storms. i remember in a 16-month period, we had 8 named storm it's hurricanes come through our state. we have been on the other end of that. tell consume the state government, i think that's what governor christie has been focused on. i am not sure if it's a good time to do a political analysis. all i can tell you, as a floridian on the receiving end of in of these storms, our heart goes out to these folks because long after the cacameras have moved on, they are continuing to reblgd their lives. it's a long, costly, painful process that disrupts lives and some folks can never rebuild because of the storm. we wish the best for them and hopefully, you know, we doll all we can to be helpful. >> greta: how many points?
7:37 pm
you say that governor romney will win florida? how many points do you think he will win by? >> well, you know, all we need gione point. everything above that is great. look, florida's a competitive state. everyone knows that. 48% of the people will vote for barack obama no matter what. but we think we can get beyond that and more than that. i think we will do very, very well. i am very confident. i can't guarantee it because have you to do it. but this is what i can guarantee you -- if the folks watching tonight who support governor romney vote and get the people they know who support him to vote, even if the lines are long, we will win florida and we will win the white house. >> greta: senator, nice to see you. it is a cliff hanger as we wind down to tuesday. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: in two minutes, we have one nasty political ad after the next. one campaign is taking a keiner, gentler approach. will it work? that's 2 minutes away.
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>> greta: need a break from the down and dirty political ads? that's what one political candidate is offering. he is launching an unusual tv ad that is supposed to give viewers a rest from the usual nasty commercials. see what you think. >> i'm richard tisei and i approved this message. [waves and gulls sounds] ah, that was nice. caller: well, it is different. what do you think? will the tranquil ad work? go to and tell us. back in two minutes.
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>> greta: did governor romney just get good news? but first, marianne rafferty has the headlines. >> hi, greta. storm victims are getting a first look at the destruction in their neighborhoods, 3 days after super stormandy blew through. some were relieved, but others were devastated to learn they were completely wiped up. more than 90 people have die in the u.s. and millions are still without electricity. it could take weeks to get it back on. gasoline shortages creating huge rhine lines in new jersey, new york and connecticut. meteorologists predict another storm on the east coast on election day. the nor'easter could hit the mid-lat -- mid-atlantic. but it is early and the forecast
7:44 pm
could change. now back to "on the record." >> greta: the candidates make egg mad dash for the swing state, polls showing president obama with a razor-thing thin lead. but good news for governor romney. joining me is our panel. first, rick, the good news for the governor is with independents? >> independents. you look throughout the polls, dismacial state-level poll, governor romney is winning independent, sometimes by a lot. this is interesting for a couple of reasons, president obama won independents w ago. john kerry won among independents 8 years ago in the battleground states. so this is a big reversal. can the president lose independents that badly and still win? there is a good chance that the independents look different. a lot of them are probably republicans, calling themselves independents because they are disaffected with the party and they are tea partyers. but it is a major shift to see independents, people who call themselves independents not
7:45 pm
going for president obama. you ask the romney folks and they say, this is a sign of weakness. this says our guy is very much in the mix, despite the battlegrounds. >> greta: steve, which team would you rather be on? >> right now? if you asked me that question before hurricane sandy, i would have said governor romney has the momentum and tell continue. now i think it's much more of a tossup. but picking up on rick's point. if you look at independents, particularly in olie oh the romney campaign team will tell you that the candidate that has won independents in ohio over the last five statewide elections has won the state, has won the office. with mitt romney having an advantage, sometimes 7-plus points among independents in ohio, they feel pretty good about where they are because of the independents. >> greta: that sounds like the nfl, the first time someone has hit a third down after an interception, trying to figure out the records and who is
7:46 pm
winning. >> rick said, the numbers with the independents are terrible with the president. guess what? all his numbers are terrible for an incumbent, seeking re-election, but he still has a razor-thin margin. the numbers are bad, but he is still winning. i tend to agree with steve. i felt lining governor romney had a head full of momentum, sort of evaporated with the hurricane sandy. >> greta: i don't know how hurricane sandy -- i disagree. the first day after a tragedy, we are all so kind and good to each other. and our hearts bleed for everybody. then all of a sudden, a couple of days later when the real hardship sets in and we have lost everything and you can't get gasoline, there is the next cycle, which is not so nice -- >> the big question for me with president obama. i think that they may have made a strategic error, to be the guy he was in october.
7:47 pm
if i had been inviting president obama, i would have said, be the president, go to connecticut, go to new jersey, spend time in lower manhattan, visit the beaches in delaware. be the president, don't do the campaigning, delegate it -- >> greta: that would backfire. the relief -- this is true of every president, want just this president. they tie up traffic so badly and close down air space that other relief can't get in. it's a trade-off. people get mad at that. >> he is thinking like a statesman. like a knife fighter, 5 days out, have you to campaign. elections don't win themselves. you know -- >> the thing is -- the way i think he lost his advantage, president obottom ain the first debate, being so peevish and nasty and in the second and third debate, doubling down on that. he lost the likeability advantage. he eroded the idea that he was presidential. he became another candidate with the storm, the president had an opportunity to be presidential again, to be likeable. he had these network news conference of him putting his
7:48 pm
arm around people in the shelters. i think that had a chance to enhance his stature, but he is back to the knife fight. >> it wasn't just that. mitt romney had a head of steam, coming through the weekend. he was surging in national polls, making news in battleground state, expanding the map into obama territory and he had to pull himself from the campaign trail and he is trying to find that argument. the momentum is gone, sapped. now, look, we have a jobs number tomorrow, the continuing questions in other quars and other ways to get back in this thing. but he lost 3 prime days, you were going to be working it and and hitting it at every stop. >> stand by, panel. extremely sensitive documents unorfed in the rubble of benghazi three weeksar after the attack. it will affect the election, whatsoever?
7:49 pm
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>> greta: tonight, more disturbing news about libya. sensitive do you means in the rubble of the benghazi consulate, shedding new light on the terror attack, with two unsigned letters, dated september 11, stating that on september 19, the mission requested additional security for ambassador stevens' stroz benghazi and did not get t. one letter saying the u.s. compound
7:53 pm
was under troubling surveillance by the libyan police. how did the fbi miss such important evidence? steve, the documents -- this happened on september 11, and the documents were discovered not by the fbi, but foreign policy magazine on... october 26? >> it's extraordinary. i mean, 6 weeks later. there are reports including in the foreign policy story that the fbi spent just 3 hours in the compound, looking for evidence. i think this is a huge political problem, broadly for the administration. but it's a specific problem for bob muller, head of the fbi, how do you, as head of the fbi, explain that you have these letters, drafted -- and found by the way, among many documents that we believe to be authentic, a copy of the new yorker magazine, addressed to ambassador stevens and expense reports and others things that suggest they weren't forged do you means to make the administration look bad.
7:54 pm
how do you explain missing evidence? this tells part of the story. if you have a back story that suggests that the police, car 322 was doing surveillance on the compound, two days before this attack, and then you have shawn smith in his last messages that he typed to his gaming message board saying, we are under watch by the police. this is important evidence. it is sit the on the ground of the consulate. it is unbelievable. >> greta: rick, the senator roberts said that the military have asked him about it, veterans. but i don't see -- i mean, i don't see a lot of people talking about it. will this have no impact on the vote in some impact? >> last time i talked about this, i got ripped on twitter for saying mitt romney is not talking about it on the campaign trail. that's their dition decision and their right. we are in this weird time in the political cycle. this close to an election where storylines are driven by the candidates. president obama is not talking
7:55 pm
about it. the white house giving almost no information. it's like a wait-out-the-clock strategy. mitt romney and his campaign made the calculation, this won't move the voters. they are not pushing it. therefore tdoesn't seem to be the kind of issue that will change an election. >> greta: unfortunately, we won't get your answer. we have run out of time. coming up, how did brad pitt and angelina jolie celebrate halloween? find out. if we want to improve our schools...
7:56 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, time for last call. hundreds of families celebrate halloween. here is jimmy fallon. >> this week, angelina jolie spotted taking her children shopping for costumes. they picked something cute. 101 dalmatians.. >> thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to and tell us what

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